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Should I Choose a Battery or a Lithium Battery for Cleaning Equipment?

Nov. 21, 2020

At present, floor scrubbers and sweeping robots have long become necessary cleaning equipment for property management companies. You can often see small carts or small carts. And the car wash shops and cleaning on the sales market mostly use battery-driven system software, that is, the use of lead-acid batteries is maintenance-free. And today 18650 3.7 v Battery Factory wants to talk to you about lithium batteries. Should I choose a battery or a lithium battery for cleaning equipment?

Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-Ion Battery

01 Charge and use

Lead-acid battery has only 500 times of deep charge and deep discharge. It has battery charging memory and has a service life of about 2 years. In contrast, lithium batteries are more durable and have no battery charging memory. The cycle system frequency reaches 1500 times. up and down.

The washing vehicle after charging the battery generally takes 3-4 hours, but if the cleaning area is large, and the total use time of the washing vehicle in a day exceeds the power storage capacity, you will worry about the memory when charging the general lead-acid battery. Long-term incorrect battery charging habits can endanger the service life of rechargeable batteries. If you use lithium batteries, everyone can feel at ease. Lithium batteries are suitable for standby at any time. You can use the rest days such as nap to carry out battery charging, which will not easily endanger the life of the rechargeable battery!

02. Charge fast.

The charging rate of lithium batteries is faster. Generally, lead-acid batteries take about 8 hours to fill up at a time, while Liang Yuxi's very endurance lithium battery supporting facilities fast charge charger takes about 4 hours to fill up at a time. If your cleaning equipment is often used, lithium batteries can obviously save you a lot of extra battery charging waiting time, and improve the efficiency of the application of machinery and equipment.

03. Long battery life

Compared with lead-acid batteries, under the same volume specification model, the lithium battery has a smaller volume and a lighter net weight. Therefore, the lithium battery can store a large amount of electricity when the volume difference is not large. In other words, your cleaning equipment can be used for a longer time after a battery charge, without frequent battery charging.

04. Small self-discharge

Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have a much smaller life-span power consumption. If you don’t usually use cleaning equipment, if your machinery and equipment use lead-acid batteries, it is likely to be empty in a month, or even When there is a dead battery, in layman's terms, the battery is starved to death. If the dead battery is serious, it will be impossible to repair.

And the use of lithium battery cleaning equipment can be stored longer. In fact, I do not strongly recommend idle machinery and equipment. Cleaning machinery must be used frequently. Only frequent applications can give full play to its required use value.

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