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How to Detect Whether the Lithium Battery has Reached the Specified Safety Indicators?

Apr. 02, 2020

As a Samsung Li Ion Battery Factory, share with you. With the development of science and technology, lithium batteries have become more and more widely used in various industries, ranging from electronic watches and mobile phones to laptop computers and automobiles. However, in the process of using lithium batteries, we will also encounter some safety hazards, such as the explosion of the lithium battery on the mobile phone, or because we use it improperly, or the quality of the lithium battery itself is unqualified. Lithium batteries must pass safety tests such as overcharging, short-circuiting, needling, crushing, and impact with heavy objects. If the lithium battery does not ignite or explode, it means that the lithium battery is a qualified product, otherwise it is an unqualified product. So how to detect whether the 50ah Lithium Battery has reached the required safety indicators?

18650 Battery 3.7 V 2500mah

18650 Battery 3.7 V 2500mah

The following methods can be used to detect:

Method 1: Extrude the battery fully on the test plane of the testing machine, then apply a 13 + 1KN squeezing force with a hydraulic cylinder, and finally squeeze the battery by a 32mm diameter steel rod. If the lithium battery can withstand the maximum pressure and there is no explosion or fire, then the lithium battery product is qualified.

Method 2: After the battery is fully charged after being impacted by a heavy object, place it on the test plane of the testing machine, place a steel column with a diameter of 15.8mm vertically on the center of the battery, and freely drop a weight of 9.1kg from a height of 610mm to On the steel post above the battery. The battery should not ignite or explode.

Method 3: Overcharge test The so-called overcharge test is actually to test whether the internal lithium battery is stable. The method is very simple. First, charge the battery with 1C, then perform an overcharge test according to 3C overcharge and 10V. When the battery is overcharged, the voltage When it reaches a certain voltage, it is stable for a period of time. When the battery voltage approaches a certain time, the battery voltage rises rapidly. When the battery voltage rises to a certain limit, the battery high cap is broken and the voltage drops to 0V. During this process, the lithium battery did not explode or catch fire, which indicates that the lithium battery is a qualified product.

Lithium is the smallest and most active metal on the chemical periodic table. Small volume and high capacity density are popular with consumers and engineers. However, the chemical properties are too lively, which brings extremely high danger. When lithium metal is exposed to the air, it will explode due to a violent oxidation reaction with oxygen. To improve safety and voltage, scientists have invented materials such as graphite and lithium cobaltate to store lithium atoms. In this way, even if the battery case is broken and oxygen enters, the oxygen molecules will be too large to enter these small storage cells, so that lithium atoms will not contact the oxygen and avoid explosion. This principle of lithium-ion batteries enables people to achieve high-capacity density while also achieving safety.

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