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What is the Difference Between Ni-MH Battery and Lithium Battery?

Sep. 29, 2020

As a Lithium Battery For Ebike Factory, share it with you. When customers buy rechargeable batteries, they usually feel confused about many types of rechargeable batteries, and are not sure which one meets their requirements. After all, they still don't understand the difference between the two. So, what is the difference between Ni-MH battery and lithium battery?

21700 Battery

21700 Battery

First, the difference in volume size.

Relatively speaking, the volume of lithium batteries is larger than that of Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, but it is "relatively speaking." Because the volume of the same volume lithium battery is higher than that of the nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery, the lithium battery is relatively small, lighter, and convenient to carry. It is especially suitable for a variety of new mobile terminals, such as mobile phones, computers, and PDAs. Lithium batteries have no memory, so the battery can be charged whenever it is used. However, overcharging the battery will reduce the service life of the rechargeable battery and can charge more batteries. Ni-MH rechargeable batteries have low memory, and it is generally best to charge them after the rechargeable batteries are exhausted. As everyone knows, there are priority choices. If there is an emergency, the battery can be charged immediately without releasing the electricity inside. In addition, the lithium battery life rate of lithium battery is very low, so the power consumption stored in the rechargeable battery can always be maintained.

Second, how much power is.

There are many differences between Ni-MH rechargeable batteries and lithium batteries, and the power storage is a level. Customers are concerned about battery capacity extensively. Compared with nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries have a greater energy density, that is, under the same volume, rechargeable batteries include a lot of output power than nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries. Therefore, the rechargeable batteries used in automatic phones like everyone are generally all lithium batteries, which are lighter in weight and small in size, so a certain volume requirement can be considered.

Third, the self-discharge effect of lithium batteries.

To put it bluntly, lithium battery life is the functional loss of rechargeable batteries when they are not in use, that is, the ability of rechargeable batteries to maintain power consumption. The greater the useful life of the lithium battery, the shorter the service life of the rechargeable battery. If the lithium battery life rate of the rechargeable battery is too high for a series of reasons, it is likely to reduce its service life immediately. Lithium batteries and Ni-MH rechargeable batteries have different lithium battery life rates. Although their lithium battery life is not obvious, the latter kind of lithium battery life is common. Due to the different natural stone materials used, lithium batteries have great advantages in maintaining driving force. If you feel that the life of the lithium battery of the Ni-MH rechargeable battery is low, you can immediately ignore the life of the lithium battery. To a certain level, lithium batteries can be regarded as a new type of battery that is better than nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries, and can be used as a stronger commodity to replace nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries.

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