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What is the Difference Between a Lithium Battery Pack and a Ternary Battery?

Jan. 20, 2021

As a 18650 3.7 v Battery Factory, share with you. Lithium battery packs and ternary batteries are all types of lithium batteries, although the raw material management system of the two is still very different, and the main performance characteristics are also different. Lithium iron battery with excellent high temperature characteristics and ternary battery with excellent low temperature characteristics. For safety, lithium is better.

Lithium battery: Lithium battery pack refers to a lithium battery composed of a variety of lithium batteries using lithium batteries as battery cathode materials. This kind of raw material does not contain precious elements like cobalt, which can make the cost of lithium battery rechargeable batteries lower than other lithium batteries. In addition, mineral elements such as phosphorus and iron are rich in resources on the earth, and it is not easy to encounter the problem of insufficient supply of raw materials.

Pansonic Battery

Pansonic Battery

The difference between lithium battery pack and ternary battery:

1. The working voltage service platform of the ammeter lithium battery is the key index value of its specific energy, which determines the basic characteristics and cost of the rechargeable battery. The higher the working voltage, the larger the specific volume; for lithium batteries with the same volume, net weight and ampere hour, the working voltage service platform of the ternary battery is higher than that of the lithium battery rechargeable battery. The high transmission line can reach ampere, and the charging and discharging service platform can reach or Da Amp.

2. Discharge performance. Because of the complicated climate on the earth, from the earth's equator to the poles, from high temperature to extreme freezing, the natural environment of the application of lithium batteries will be very different. However, under different natural temperature environments, the characteristics and hazards of lithium battery packs and ternary batteries are very different. Lithium battery packs tend to be charged and discharged in high-temperature natural environments, and ternary batteries tend to be charged in low-temperature natural environments. Discharge application.

3. Cycle life. Although the service life of the cycle system of lithium battery pack and ternary battery is longer than other types of lithium batteries, but to compare the service life of the cycle system of lithium battery and ternary battery, it can only be said that the service life of lithium battery pack is longer than that of ternary battery. Much longer.

Generally speaking, the cyclic system service life of lithium battery packs is generally above 2000 times, while the cyclic system service life of ternary batteries is generally above 1,000 times. There is a big difference between the two in the cyclic system service life. Lithium batteries of various models and specifications have more or less differences, the biggest difference still depends on the positive battery cathode material. Due to the different constituent materials, there will be differences in the characteristics of lithium batteries at many levels.

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