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How High Temperature can Lithium Batteries Withstand?

Aug. 04, 2020

As a Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Factory, share with you. High-temperature lithium batteries are usually used for outdoor lighting, high-voltage power line service robots, monitoring equipment, on-board electrical equipment rechargeable batteries, on-board electronic canopy rechargeable batteries, gas boiler machinery and equipment. In general, how high temperature can a lithium battery withstand?

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21700 Battery

It is common to have an explosion-proof valve printed on the lithium battery. Because the pressure of the rechargeable battery is too high at high temperatures, the explosion-proof valve is now effective. In the first step, the explosion-proof valve will open, so the pressure difference will be released. For the safety test of rechargeable batteries, there are some high temperature steps, such as 150 degree hot box, 800 degree thick steel plate, high temperature ejection, etc., to achieve non-explosion qualification. In fact, it is not careful, because explosion-proof valves are not always found in time, so there will be no explosion for a long time.

Generally speaking, there are 130c, 150c, 800c in the high temperature measurement of lithium ion charge, but the general life span is normal after high temperature exposure, but people will see excessive use when the battery is charged or the home appliance is damaged. Especially in the smart products that have exploded recently, embedded bending deformation batteries, only the test service will have 48 processing processes, of which the new high-temperature engineering bending deformation 50 degrees in the bending deformation battery, in the service life, make the temperature , Bending deformation battery can not meet.

The main parameters of high temperature lithium ion battery

1. High temperature resistant ternary lithium battery

Generally speaking, lithium ions are not sensitive to the temperature in the 040c region. When the temperature exceeds the 040c region, the life and volume of lithium ions will be significantly reduced. Therefore, the operating temperature of lithium batteries is generally 0-40°C. The transfer coefficient of the rechargeable lithium 60c reduces the transfer coefficient of the rechargeable lithium battery, and the service cycle reaches a certain transfer coefficient. Some lithium-ion batteries have different lithium-ion temperatures, and some of them can even operate under all normal conditions. The ternary lithium-ion battery has a wide operating temperature range, and the maximum electric heating value is 350c-500c. During the entire heating process, the analytical chemistry of lithium metal materials is often outstanding, and its high temperature resistance is about 200°C. When the temperature is high, the analytical chemical performance of the ternary lithium material is strong, and the lithium electrolysis speed is fast.

2. High temperature resistant polymer lithium battery

Under normal conditions, the working temperature of polymer lithium ions is between -20c-70c. High temperature and ultra-low temperature affect battery capacity. In addition, the chemical structure of the raw materials in the rechargeable battery will be damaged again, seriously affecting the service life of the battery.

Lithium-ion heat-resistant electrical energy can withstand 800 degrees of exploration. Generally speaking, in high temperature measurement, lithium is 200c, 500c and 800c, but it is not easy to be exposed under all normal conditions.

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