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How to Maintain Lithium-Ion Batteries?

Aug. 19, 2020

In recent years, with its lightweight, environmentally friendly and long-life lithium batteries, they have become more and more popular, especially after the legal licensing of electric vehicles in many first-tier cities, electric vehicle lithium batteries have gone crazy again. However, many small partners do not pay attention to daily maintenance, which often greatly affects their life cycle. How to maintain lithium-ion batteries? As a 18650 3.7 v Battery Factory, share with you.

18650 Battery 3.7 V 2500mah

18650 Battery 3.7 V 2500mah

Battery charging

1. Using the original charger to charge can play a role in protecting the circuit to maintain the power circuit.

2. Moderate charge and discharge to prevent damage; overcharge and overdischarge will cause damage to the rechargeable battery. Therefore, do not wait to recharge when the power is exhausted, and do not need to charge for a long time. Generally, keep it until the charger light is green. After two hours;

3. Pay attention to the natural environment for battery charging to avoid safety risks; charging in the rain and snow in winter can easily cause short circuits, and charging in the hot sun in summer can easily cause spontaneous combustion. For safety reasons, you should choose a dry, ventilated, and cool environment Charge in;

About cycling

Prevent frequent braking and acceleration. Frequent braking and rapid acceleration will keep the rechargeable battery moving at a constant speed under the condition of long-term maximum current discharge, and make the rechargeable battery work well;

Related storage

1. Choose a storage area to store away from sources of danger to eliminate sources of risk. In the case of daily parking, the storage area should be stored in a natural ventilation area.

2. In the case of long-term restrictions, the battery can be properly charged. If your electric car is not used for a long time, it should prevent the long-term loss of lithium battery, which will greatly affect the service life. It is recommended to charge it every two weeks, and it is best to keep it in a half-charged storage state.

3. Clean up and maintain immediately. If you do not use an electric vehicle, pay attention to the problem of lithium battery cleaning, timely discharge the dust and dirt on the top of the battery plug, keep it dry and clean, and immediately remove the copper rust on the battery charging port and the top of the charging head to avoid contact due to poor contact ;

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