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Do you know the Safe Use of Batteries?

Apr. 23, 2020

As an 18650 Battery Factory, share with you. Everyone knows that there are many types of batteries, but not every type will explode due to squeeze or puncture. As the name implies, a liquid battery uses a liquid electrolyte. The positive and negative electrodes of this battery are separated by a separator to avoid direct contact between the positive and negative electrodes. If the battery is punctured or squeezed, it may break the separator, causing a short circuit between the positive and negative electrodes, which will generate heat and generate a large amount of gas, and the battery will start to swell.

Pansonic Battery

Pansonic Battery

▲ Battery structure

It is important to know that the liquid electrolyte in the battery is very lively and burns easily. After puncturing the casing, the electrolyte comes into contact with the air at high temperature, and at the same time, it emits smoke and emits sparks.

Even a relatively safe lithium battery is very dangerous after being punctured, so do n’t take a sharp object to ruin the lithium battery. Of course, other batteries should also be avoided.

What are the dead operations for the battery?

There are many types of batteries common in our lives, including primary batteries including carbon batteries, alkaline batteries, and secondary batteries including nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, and 50ah Lithium Battery.

Primary battery (not rechargeable)

For primary batteries, although they may not explode through them, the electrolyte of potassium hydroxide in alkaline batteries is strongly alkaline, and contact may cause burns.

In addition, in the past, everyone used a carbon battery to run out of electricity, bite, flick, and sun, and then the battery will have some residual electricity. It is not suitable for use in common alkaline zinc-manganese batteries. So replace the battery when it's used up. Don't just toss the lithium battery manufacturers.

▲ Do not try to charge the battery once

Finally, a primary battery cannot be recharged. This is not a title that cannot be fully charged, but it is dangerous to charge a primary battery. For example, alkaline batteries are prone to short circuit during charging, causing the battery to overheat or cause leakage. Liquid, so do n’t try it, and pay attention to the classification when storing the battery.

Battery (rechargeable)

Compared with the primary battery, the risk of reusable batteries is still greater. When using it, you should pay more attention to not being stupid, such as tooth biting, or puncturing the battery, squeezing the battery to cause deformation, exposure, overcharge and overdischarge Waiting is unscientific.

If you encounter a battery bulge in a mobile device, do not try to remove or repair it yourself, let alone pierce the battery outsourcing, and leave it to an experienced person to handle it. Lithium battery manufacturers.

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