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What are the Reasons for the Explosion of Lithium Batteries?

May. 16, 2020

As an 18650 3.7 v Battery Factory, share with you. There are relatively few problems in the battery of the brand mobile phone itself, and the problems in the battery itself mostly appear in the refurbished machine or the second mobile phone. In order to save costs, mobile phones or refurbished machines tend to choose lower-quality inferior batteries in the configuration of mobile phones. These batteries have low cost, too many impurities, but the design process is not close, and the risk of self-explosion is greater.

18650 Battery

18650 Battery

Long-term overcharge of the battery cell: Under a long-term charging state, overcharge and overcurrent will also cause high temperature and high pressure, causing hidden dangers. Lithium batteries may discharge momentarily under special temperature, humidity, and poor contact conditions to generate a large amount of current, causing spontaneous ignition or explosion.

Battery short circuit: When the mobile phone is in a high temperature state, or is subject to impact, metal friction, etc., it may cause the battery to short circuit and explode.

Charging causes the battery to explode: charging while playing the phone, charging while playing will cause the charging time to become longer, and charging for a long time will cause the temperature of the mobile phone to rise and be more likely to explode.

The charger does not match the battery: most mobile phones have the original charger. The wrong type of charger can easily cause battery accidents. Apple phones only accept original chargers for charging, which greatly reduces the chance of battery self-destruction.

Excessive temperature: Excessively high temperature means that the internal heat of the battery has reached the limit, and prolonged charging, high temperature irradiation, and baking will easily cause the battery temperature to be too high. In the south of China, most families use electric ovens in winter. Many people like to play with their mobile phones while roasting by the electric oven. This is also very dangerous.

Thermal runaway: The reason why the lithium ion battery has the risk of explosion is due to a process called "thermal runaway" in the reaction inside the battery. "Thermal runaway" is a positive energy feedback cycle process: the increased temperature will cause the system to become hot, and the system will become hot to increase the temperature, which in turn makes the system hotter. The above reasons, such as short circuit of the battery, high ambient temperature, frequent overcharging, unauthorized modification of the casing, etc., will cause the lithium ion battery to run out of control, and may eventually cause fire or explosion.

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