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Does Temperature Affect the use of Several Lithium Batteries?

May. 22, 2020

Someone asked online: "Why are lithium batteries used in winter shorter than in summer?" The following is the answer from Emergency Power Supply Factory.

For 50ah Lithium Battery, there is currently no clear theory in the industry to support the inevitable connection of internal resistance, discharge platform, life, capacity, etc. at each temperature performance, and the related calculation formulas and mathematical models are still in the exploration stage. In general, lithium batteries are not sensitive to the temperature range of 0-40 ℃, but once the temperature exceeds this range, life and capacity will be compromised.

There is no way to quantify the specific non-requirement, because the lithium battery is too active, and the consistency is also the biggest problem. Even the products of the same batch, the same material and the same process, the performance will be very different.

21700 Battery

21700 Battery

After many experiments, the low-temperature performance of lithium batteries of different materials is also different. Now the hottest lithium iron phosphate is the worst in low-temperature performance. Our product emits a capacity of 89% of the maximum capacity at -10 ℃, which should have been in the industry. It is relatively high; the discharge capacity can reach 95% at 55 ℃, and the attenuation at relatively low temperature is still relatively small. This is still a product for inspection. As you know, the quality is much higher than that of normal pipeline products.

Relatively speaking, the low temperature performance of lithium manganate, lithium cobaltate and ternary products is better, but it is also limited; the sacrifice is high temperature performance. Now the industry claims that lithium iron phosphate has high safety performance and good high temperature performance. In fact, the battery activity is not as high as the above three, and it is relatively safe. The overall performance is still not as good as manganese lithium or ternary.

Therefore, the use time of lithium batteries in winter is inevitably shorter than in summer.

Also, it is best not to charge lithium batteries in winter. Due to the low temperature, the lithium ions nested in the negative electrode will generate ion crystals and directly pierce the separator. Under normal circumstances, they will cause a micro short circuit and affect the life and performance. Seriously, bang! Therefore, some people report that lithium batteries cannot be charged in winter. Some of them have battery management systems because of product protection, and others are not due to quality problems.

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