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What is the Cylindrical Lithium Battery?

Sep. 18, 2020

As a 18650 3.7 v Battery Factory, share with you. In fact, cylindrical lithium batteries can also be called 18650 lithium batteries. The study found that the ternary lithium battery has the advantages of high specific energy, good memoryless ability, and long life.

Advantages of cylindrical lithium iron phosphate batteries:

Samsung 21700 Battery

Samsung 21700 Battery

1. The single unity is good; cylindrical lithium batteries have long had a series of internationally unified specifications and model specifications, the production process is relatively complete and complete, and it is suitable for large-scale continuous production and processing.

2. The single itself has excellent engineering mechanical properties, the specific surface of the drum is large, the heat pipe radiator is excellent, and it can obtain high bending strength;

3. The key technology is perfect and sound, and the cost is cheap. The plastic shell of the battery has high compression resistance, and it is not easy to cause the expansion of the grid and the soft pack battery in the whole process of application.

4. A single energy consumption is low, and the probability of several safety accidents is low. Cylindrical rechargeable batteries are generally closed batteries. There are no maintenance problems during the entire application process, and safety accidents are very prone to occur during the entire application process.

The rechargeable battery has no memory battery charging, and the battery may not be charged or discharged before the battery is charged. The application is more convenient; the internal resistance is small, and the irreversible volume is small, which can greatly reduce the energy consumption of the rechargeable battery itself and increase the number of battery cycles;

The test data information shows that the ternary lithium battery has a high safety factor and reliability, and is not easy to cause explosion and air pollution. The test data information shows that the positive and negative stages of the ternary lithium battery are separated, so that the probability of common short-circuit faults is reduced to the best in most situations. The lithium battery protection board of the polymer battery cell can repair the ternary lithium battery. It can avoid overcharging of rechargeable battery or damage of switching power supply.

Disadvantages of cylindrical lithium iron phosphate batteries:

1. Cylindrical lithium battery electric welding electric welding multi-pole lugs are limited by the manufacturing process, so the multiple characteristics are slightly weak, and the multiple test results are not very prominent.

Second, the analytical chemistry characteristics at the edge of the cylindrical rechargeable battery are weak, and the relative reduction in battery performance due to long-term operation is relatively obvious.

3. The compatibility with general rechargeable batteries is weak. Under normal conditions, it can be replaced with lithium batteries by using 3 general rechargeable batteries.

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