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Which is Better for UPS Power Application: Lithium Battery or Lead-Acid Battery?

Dec. 09, 2020

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"Very rookie" lithium batteries are quickly occupying the sales market due to their safety, light weight, long life, thorough charging, low maintenance, and memorylessness, and are slowly replacing traditional lead-acid batteries.

Samsung 21700 Battery

Samsung 21700 Battery

From the perspective of the current sales market, most big data centers and mobile base stations use lead-acid batteries, but most of them are because there is no stronger choice. With the development trend of UPS battery technology, the technical level of lithium batteries continues to improve, the feature price comparison continues to increase, and the specifications continue to decrease, which will cause active harm to the design and planning of the big data center.

The application of lithium battery raw materials completely bypasses the various hazards caused by lead-acid batteries. The advantages of high-efficiency energy density, small volume, light quality, long life, and wide temperature range make the sales market "chaotic". The system software selects the lithium battery UPS power supply and distribution system, and selects lithium batteries, there is no risk of common failures of rechargeable batteries, and common failures of a single rechargeable battery are not easy to cause all UPS batteries to be completely invalid.

With the gradual improvement of lithium battery technology, the advantages of choosing lithium batteries as UPS storage switching power supplies have become more and more significant. The construction plan of lithium batteries has also been selected by more and more companies. Everyone sees that lithium batteries are gradually becoming large An indispensable new friend in the data center host room.

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