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Will Lithium Batteries Become the Protagonist in the Future?

Sep. 10, 2020

As a 18650 3.7 v Battery Factory, share with you. If lithium ion is not an important task in the future development trend of new energy vehicles, then who can play the leading role? Although many companies in China are developing lead-acid batteries, this product has not been found due to serious environmental pollution, and this trend is often felt by people. The extraction, production and manufacture of lead metal materials, and the purchase of rechargeable batteries. During the entire environmental pollution process, only cars run on the road without environmental pollution. So it is not green. Lead-acid batteries are not a very valuable technology. At present, the output of lead-acid batteries in my country has reached 45%. European and American countries will be applicable in China but not suitable for manufacturing, and not suitable for obtaining environmental pollution. Most people’s misunderstandings about batteries.

Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-Ion Battery

Most people’s misunderstandings about batteries:

1: Recharge only after the first use of electricity

Lithium-ion batteries are not traditional nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries and have no memory effect. Therefore, they must be charged immediately in the application. If the battery is discharged, it will accelerate the battery consumption and affect the battery life.

2: the battery will have a stronger operating state

Lithium batteries do exist at low temperatures and do not work, but they are also worried about high temperatures. Lithium-ion batteries can be charged and discharged at -20-55°C. Please use all normal batteries safely.

3: damaged battery car lithium battery can be activated

Although it is regrettable that the battery car lithium battery is used for a long time or is damaged due to bad habits, it is no longer possible to rely on the repair teacher to repair all normal applications. After the battery is damaged, it is a proper and safe way to renew it.

4: If the working voltage is the same, the charging head is universal

The advantages and disadvantages of the charging head directly affect the life cycle of lithium ion. The charging head is not only matched with lithium, but also matched with the current. The working voltage is the same, and the current is too large, which will cause the rechargeable battery to overcharge and explode or the lithium battery protection board will be shut down immediately. If the current is too small, the battery will charge slowly. It is best to ensure a special type of charging head.

5: high-current battery fast charging

At present, high-tech lithium-ion batteries can no longer meet the requirements of high current and fast charging. Fast charging always leads to results. Rechargeable batteries quickly cause organic chemical and physical reactions. The main performance is that the rechargeable batteries are hot and the stomach is enlarged.

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