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Are Lithium Battery Cathode Materials Widely Used?

Jul. 30, 2020

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Lithium battery cathode materials have become a battleground in the new energy lithium battery industry chain. As the core of lithium batteries, the performance of cathode materials directly affects the electrochemical performance of the former such as working voltage, specific energy and cycle life; not only that, cathode materials account for a relatively high proportion of the production cost of lithium batteries, about 25% to 30% . Driven by these two factors, coupled with the fact that automobiles in the global market are already in the midst of an electrification strategy, the demand and supply of raw materials has become a key link, and cathode materials have become a must for companies in the new energy lithium battery industry chain.

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Samsung 21700 Battery

Lithium battery cathode materials have become a battleground in the new energy lithium battery industry chain

The main constituent materials of lithium batteries include electrolyte, separator materials, positive and negative materials, and so on. The cathode material occupies a large proportion, because the performance of the cathode material directly affects the performance of the lithium battery, and its cost directly determines the cost of the battery. Lithium batteries are one of the core components of new energy vehicles. The cathode material is one of the key materials that determine the performance of lithium batteries. Under the dual pressure of cost and performance, the replacement of products in the cathode material industry is accelerating and the performance requirements continue to increase.

Affected by the production reduction of power battery companies, the demand for cathode materials is relatively sluggish, and the price of cobalt and lithium has fallen sharply this year, affecting the profitability of cathode materials. However, as the core of lithium batteries, cathode materials are still a must for enterprises in the new energy lithium battery industry chain. Upstream raw materials and cathode materials are continuously put into production.

The well-known positive electrode materials include lithium cobalt oxide, lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganate, and ternary. Lithium cobalt oxide is mainly used for 3C electronic batteries; lithium manganese oxide has good safety, but has poor storage performance and low energy density; lithium iron phosphate has relatively excellent safety and cycle performance, but has low energy density and poor low temperature performance; ternary materials It has the characteristics of high gram specific capacity and excellent cycle performance but poor safety. Ternary materials have been recognized by many lithium battery and materials experts as the main lithium battery cathode materials for automotive power in the future.

Four favorable factors for the development of my country's lithium battery cathode material industry

①Listed in the first batch of application demonstration guidance catalog for key new materials;

②The industry develops rapidly, forming an industrial base;

③The development of downstream industries drives industrial growth;

④ Continuous technological innovation.

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